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Thread: RenderMan catching up with FPrime... 10yrs later.

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    RenderMan catching up with FPrime... 10yrs later.

    Watch the video near the end of the article, with the Jaguar.

    Worley did the same demonstration TEN YEARS ago ( does anyone know where we could find that video? ). Notice the stuttering interaction here too, and remember how much more powerful this machine is than whatever Worley used back then. I think that was before he had it multi-threaded tooo, so, *one core*, a max of about 3ghz.

    The render demo at the top ( spheres and mirrors ) is rendered with no blurry reflections, no blurry refraction, and not even motion blur. They don't give rendertimes but this would have to be in realtime to be at all impressive.

    I just don't get it. It takes them 10yrs to add full raytracing, and they only come up to par with other raytracers... and they're winning awards for technology??

    I tested Renderman against Mental Ray back in 2010 ( at a maya shop ), a plain grey charcter model and 12 raytrace shadow point lights;
    Mental Ray : 4 seconds
    Renderman : 17 minutes

    Yes, 17 Minutes, vs. 4 seconds. That's why you had to use shadow maps for everything in renderman, and a bare minimum of lights, until recently.

    Methinks the Emperor's New Clothes still applies today -
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