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Thread: lightwave to maya workflow

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    Update to 11.6.3. In 11.0.3 it was buggy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksnoad View Post
    Well I found the window that Greenlaw posted above in LW11.03!!!

    I gave it a go and experience an immediate crash

    But then having turned off all textures I could export an fbx with morphs. But when importing this into Modo the morphs are completely messed up!

    Turning on the 'Materials' check box for any export = crash

    Whatever FBX version or ASCII or Binary I do get to work, my UVs and textures don't carry across and the morphs are all messed up.

    Until I get Maya installed I can't test there, so I guess it could be importing into Modo that is not working for me, but this FBX export pretty useless for me so far

    Anyone get this working?

    Kev xx
    i'm only using planar mapping. simple maps.

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