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Thread: Godzilla (2014) - I felt for it again!

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    Godzilla (2014) - I felt for it again!

    Trailer had a bit of thriller, a bit of "Akira" overwhelming dramatic feeling and a monster presence being given by hints.
    The actual movie starts fairly well. It ends up being a 10 minute of awesome monsters reel but with terrible editing and filled in the middle with the usual Catastrophe-Army-Family-Drama with loads of disposable characters, where the "main character" was almost inexistente in the trailers. The plot-holes or inconsistencies are at "Prometheus" level.

    If you are not a monster guy you could just watch it on a sunday afternoon. Or heck watch a 10 minute montage somewhere and call it done

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    man totally agree. i was having - simply headache - with those drama scene. i was thinking - hey is it real - TERRIBLE -

    MOTUs were amazing - simply best monster design i could say - still didnt have it enough...

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    Thanks for the heads up. I was on the fence about seeing it.

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    it did get an alright rating, might go see it... but yes, sci-fi movies often tends to have a rushed script... :/
    Rating: 7.5/10 - ‎58,032 votes
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    Well the people I was with loved it. But in a way I think it's a matter of selective attention. They just decided to ignore and not value the utter bad things about it and just go for the fun cool parts (the monsters), but that's a very small segment of the movie, given the rest is no support or a insteresting story by itself...

    Anyways I posted here since I'm aware that there are people liking it and I would like to know... Why? :P

    2 or 3 times the movie goes on to reveal more the monster to then just cut to a family or irrelevant scene... Like you can cut from appocalypse to washing teeth... more than once...

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    i think the more Sci-Fi i watch, the more picky i get about the storyline, which is a shame...
    wish i could just ignore the flaws, be a bit more "stupid"... :]
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    I liked it nevertheless. Good popcorn entertainment.

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    Monsters were OK.
    I just kept saying to my wife that Aaron Taylor-Johnson seemed to be the unluckiest guy on the planet.
    Everywhere he shows up, so do giant monsters. Bad luck for his entire family too.
    Fortunately he had all the secret skills whenever he needed them.

    What a waste of money.

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    We saw it last Friday and it was okay, but no better. I liked Monsters, but this felt he was thrown lots of money and lost his creativity. However, the way it was shot gives you the same impression of scale that Shadow of the Colossus did on the PS2, you really feel how huge stuff is compared to the humans and where SoTC was big, this really is HUUUGE.

    This is also much louder than SoTC and Monsters, but the 3D is a waste of time and there's nothing at the end of the credits.

    For the 3D I've read one site that says the director (Gareth Edwards) really liked it and another where the DoP (Seamus McGarvey) says he hates it. What surprises me a little is that McGarvey was also DoP on Avengers, which was also a post job, but the 3D in that was splendid. Really added to the film because Marvel spent the time and money. Read this, it's a good interview with McGarvey and was conducted before Godzilla was finished so there are no spoilers in it:

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    i love 3D, for sci-fi, but without the glasses which tends to make everything dark... :/

    hope to see glasses-free 3D soon, i know Dolby / Cameron is working on something for the theaters...
    let's see...

    James Cameron discusses his support for Dolby 3D
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    Only watched the 2D version yesterday with my son. We both loved it. I try not to be overly-critical, and just enjoy the movie. Could it have been better? Sure. Could it have been worse? Absolutely. I'm very selective about seeing a movie in 3D these days; most of the time, it's a waste of money for me (especially if you multiply the cost by 5).
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    My wife and I watched it on Sunday and both quite enjoyed it. I stay up to date on a lot of movie news and such so I knew going in that Godzilla wasn't the focus of the film and that he doesn't even show up until the 2nd hour so that didn't bother me. It did great numbers at the box office his weekend but I wonder how that'll hold up in it's second week once word gets out that Godzilla is barely in the movie. The way I've been describing it is that it was a very un-blockbuster summer blockbuster.
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    Saw it last night in IMAX 3D, and loved there
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    I liked it. Only thing i didn't like is
    how they used "Walter White" in
    all the previews and then killed him
    in the 1st 30 or 40min.

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    Dude! Spoiler alert

    I lived it too. But then I normally like films a lot of other people have problems with.

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