Hi All,

I have a "classic" TriCaster TC350 that we're beginning to use to stream live to YouTube with various events around campus. The intent is to one day get a newer, updated TriCaster, but for the time being I've got to squeeze more life out the one I have.

I've tinkered in creating several streaming profiles for YouTube, but still am struggling with what appears/sounds to be dropped frames. The video will pixelate from time to time, and the audio skips randomly.

The profile that seems to work best, meeting YouTube's guidelines, is a 30fps 640x360 500kbps h.264 profile that I've created, yet it still has some random problems. I've noted that if I ramp up the dimensions to 480p or ramp up the bit rate, the problem becomes worse, which leads me to believe that I'm taxing the system/Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. Being a university, I have plenty of bandwidth, so connectivity isn't the issue.

So, is there any way to see the encoding log while in TriCaster to see if this is indeed the case (dropped frames). Does anyone have any suggestions/settings on making it a cleaner encode on this level of TriCaster?

The one item of note, I am encoding audio in MP3, YouTube wants it in AAC. I checked into purchasing the AAC encoder, but its nearly $200... before I spend that kind of money in a older TC, I would like to know if perhaps that is what is the root of the issue.

Thank you for your time.

Thomas E Morales
Broadcast Specialist/Engineer
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA.

[email protected]