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Thread: Ready to Buy New Premiere System - Mac or PC for Fastest Workflow (Why so painful?)

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    Ready to Buy New Premiere System - Mac or PC for Fastest Workflow (Why so painful?)

    I have 10 Tricasters floating around my organization, always in use or moving to new locations. I am ready to buy a new editing machine. Anyone have insight as to the best platform to most rapidly and efficiently post-produce files from the Tricaster? I'd love to simply pull the drives from the Tricaster, slap in some new ones and send it on its way, put the pulled drives in a bay connected to a PC or MAC then quickly get some basic editing and rendering done in Premiere. This has always been painful in the past, on Macs and PCs for different reasons. I am ready to go out and spend 8 or 10K on a new editing machine, but there are so many variables between getting the files out of the Tricaster and into the Mac or PC, then out as finished products, that I feel without direct experience on a recent machine with the latest version of Premiere, there is no way to know the best platform. I don't care whether I need to record as MOV or mpeg on the Tricaster, I just want an efficient workflow that doesn't have me spending hours moving files from drive to drive and conforming before editing, and I'd like to not have to track down a moving Tricaster, set it up, and then set up a special NLE export for the Program files and ISOs, blowing up my drive space and having me sit in equipment closets for hours on end waiting for renders to complete. I'd like to be able to pull the drives and work with the files as they are after an event. I'm asking a lot, but don't want to spend money and end up needlessly wasting time, which is more valuable in the end. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences and suggestions.

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    Unless you plan on editing 4k video, doing heavy-duty After Effects or 3D modeling, you really don't need to dump $8-10k into an edit system these days. A nice little 4 or 6-core Intel Core i7 system will work quite well for HD edit and export. Safe Harbor is an Adobe-certified system builder and can custom-configure a great editing system for Premiere for $3k-5k usually depending on options.

    The standard configuration includes a SATA hard drive dock built into the PC case, so you can pop the drive out of TriCaster and right into the PC for instant editing.

    Please let me know if I can assist you in any way.

    Thank you

    Jeff Pulera
    Safe Harbor Computers

    Newtek Reseller

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