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Thread: Memory Is Not Enough

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    Memory Is Not Enough

    Jut to let you know I've posted an old article from HDRI3D magazine in about rendering Hi-Res images with the Advanced Camera.

    Hope it can help someone with print renders.



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    Very interesting article. Neat trick with unwelding points then negative edge bevel to do overlapping pixels.

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    I think I used the shift camera once for the same purpose. Next time I test this method.

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    Hope it works for you. I still think the proposed method is a bit more "math-free", mainly if you need that the segments don't keep the same frame aspect ratio.


    P.D. Just in case, by the time I wrote the article, the native LW Shift Camera didn't exist.

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    great article! gracias por compartirlo!

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    Gracias David!

    Un Saludo,


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    Was just reminded how much easier everything works today compared to just a few years ago. Interesting to read!

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