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    Quote Originally Posted by BokadCastle View Post
    Hi Ivan,
    I looked at some samples of dynamics we've been given.

    It looks like an object can be progressively fractured to me.

    look at _
    ?:\LightWave_11.5_Content\Bullet_Dynamics\Forces\T ower\Scenes

    Effector core??

    btw you're doing a great job - my intention is to 'add to' not 'take away'.

    yes..that is just an effector item type to showcase and visually give feedback to the null reference, so the breaker object is just a null without any dynamics, but used as position in space reference for a gradient set in glue strength, the glue strenght is at itīs core set to a value of 0% in the gradient, that means thereīs nothing holding the structure in terms of glue, and at the end of the gradient there is full glue.

    And the effector item is only there for visual feedback on how you have set the gradient...which is set at a full glue at 2.5 m, and the effector is visually set to such radius, but all that needs to manually be set up, I would whish we could have a direct reference object that both affects the size and gives visual feedback in one go when changing distance or radius.



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