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Thread: Bones controlled by Spline

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    Bones controlled by Spline

    Has anyone had this problem?

    I'm trying to animate an eel along a spline (similar to Lino's shark tutorial) and whenever I turn the spline in a circle (the eel is in a round aquarium) the spline flips the eel 180d upside down. It seems that the spline is pinched and flips over. The only way that seems to solve it is to straighten the spline (which in this case won't work because of the aquarium). I've tried correcting it using bank, but it only goes so far and doesn't solve the problem completely. Am I missing something, or is this how the spline setup is supposed to work?

    It seems to work as long as I don't turn the spline a full 180d (back on itself, hopefully that makes sense). If I make it a complete circle, there are two places that will do what I've described.


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    Make sure to rotate your null handles to "point" along the direction the spline is heading.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RebelHill View Post
    Make sure to rotate your null handles to "point" along the direction the spline is heading.

    WOW! Such a simple solution to a big problem (for me anyway). Did I miss this somewhere in a tutorial? I had tried rotating the other axis', but I guess I hadn't rotated it far enough.

    Thanks RebelHill!

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