It seems like the surfaces in the preset panel are the same ones I used in 6.5? Would it be possible to create new ones similar to the sort of thing you get from V-ray? I would be nice to have an architectural set that had very realistic glass and different metals like aluminum, maybe brick? I work at an architectural firm and am always amazed at how much the non lightwave guys do by just looking through a zillion accurate surfaces and applying them. They all reflect light very realistically right out of the box. Also how difficult would it be to add a very robust vehicle rigging plugin? The Raycast node is very nice but I have been trying to make it work with Dr. Wheel and so far not with great results (or any). Looking through every tutorial I can find and nothing is out there (that I can find). This seems like such a basic function for so many uses.

something like this

this person goes on quite a bit, but unfortunately sounds like the guy who used to beat me up regularly in the 90s, so I am inclined not to listen for more than a minute. Not that that is his fault. Also I suspect he may be eating an entire honeyed
ham while doing the tutorial. At least it sounds like ham.