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Thread: TX300 SDI audio unsync advance about 75 ms ?

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    TX300 SDI audio unsync advance about 75 ms ?

    I measured beside the normal 2 frame delay the audio from SDI in to SDI out comes about 75 ms to early.

    I played a generated white frame with beep on a XDCAM over SDI and record it after the TC. If I open the recorded clip from a XDCAM Drive with Vegas the audio is in front of the white frame in the timeline.

    Is there any setting or config where I can adjust it ? At the moment I delay the audio with a Teranex, which gives me the SDI in sync but delay all with 4 more frames.


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    Can you explain a bit more about your configuration? It's common to run into cameras that send analog audio ahead of SDI video, but if the audio is embedded with the video all the way, I'd expect them to be synched.
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    You are right to ask my config, its a mix of SDI with analog audio

    I checked my real config: P-Deck < BM-Hub < TC-in (SDI with embeded audio) TC < BM-Hub (SDI-video) < R-Deck
    TC < analog-audio-out < Analog-Mixer < R-Deck

    I checked although the pure SDI way without Analog-Mixer, its much better in-sync (only about 5 or 10 ms)

    If I edit direct without TC (only over the BM-Hub) the decks are in-sync.

    So I have an advance on Tricaster analog-audio-out (its the same with xdcam 1080 or digibeta SD)

    But I need the possibility to mix every audio channel ndependent.



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