Hoping somebody can post a video of how to set this up.

I have a female character that's wearing a long dress. The dress needs to be simulated via cloth dynamics so that it flows as she walks/moves. The character has legs underneath the dress that I need to be collision objects so that it looks like the dress is being moved by the legs. I've tried all of the following with no success:

1) Dress on same object layer as character and skelegon setup, converted skelegons in Layout, and set full character to Deforming in Bullet and set the Mesh filter to be the section of the dress I want to move. Doesn't work.
2) Same as above, but with varying levels of weighting for the dress and the bone weights on the dress (ie - "Cloth" at anywhere from 1-100% weighted, and "L_UpperLeg" weighted to get the bones to move the dress). Moves the dress but can't use the underlying legs as the collision object.
3) Tried same as above, but made the legs their own separate object layer. The cloth doesn't appear to see any animation in the legs at all, regardless of what they're set to in Bullet (Static, Kinematic, Deforming, etc).
4) Tried saving out the legs' motion as an .mdd file. Didn't change anything.
5) Tried making the dress as separate object layer from the character, using "Use Bones from Object" of the character mesh, added dress layer as a Deforming object in Bullet and set Mesh Filter to be the part of the dress I need to have move. Doesn't work.
6) Tried variations of the 2-4 above on this setup, and nothing seemed to work.

In ALL of the scenes I've changed the Subdivision Order to "Last". I've tried virtually every setup I can think of and I can't get this thing to work correctly. Can somebody PLEASE make a video showing how to setup something like this? I've asked several long time lightwave guys, and most just say that lightwave/bullet doesn't work with bones at all, but Lino did it in his Siggraph video, so I know it's possible...

A HUGE thanks in advance to anybody who has a solution to this.

PS - I've attached a model with something similar to what I'm working with (the actual object is currently under NDA so I can't post it).