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Thread: TC40 playlist isssue

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    TC40 playlist isssue

    So I have a TC40v2 running the latest updated (did one in early March) and yesterday I discovered a glitch with the DDR playlist. I had two SD DV files that were going to play back to back and I did the normal set-up by disabling "Single" and keeping "Autoplay" enabled. When I got to the end of the first video my DDR stopped and all I saw was black... most likely from the first frame of the second video. When I pressed play on the DDR it started up the first video and I had to double click on the second video for it to start all while live.

    Did some testing today and found that I could only get a playlist, 2 or more videos, to work is I had the DDR set to loop. Idea?
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    About all I can suggest is to try a new session and see if it still happens.
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