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Yeah, whether i like it or not, a VAST majority of the time, i will be relying on a wifi connection to get the stream out. although when available, i will request hardwire. that is why i wanted to make sure the cradlepoint would support wifi on both LAN and WAN. I will always need to be prepared for both.

Just as an FYI- the guy at peptone (super helpful) said the balance 1 would NOT support WAN and LAN on wifi.

glad input is the cradlepoint will work, because i ordered one on sat.

We would use the Netgear box to suck in and convert the wifi to a hard line connection and go into the 2nd WAN port on the Balance One. The 8 port switch built in is worth much more to me than Wifi as Wan.

For your needs the Cradlepoint should do well. Make sure and keep the firmware up to date.