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Thread: 855 isocorder query

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    855 isocorder query

    On our tricaster 855 we want to iso record 5 cameras aswell as pgm out.

    How can i get the pgm audio sound on all these camera recordings in the tricaster?

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    Direct camera recordings, as opposed to those that are 'post-switcher' always reference the original source audio. This is true for all current TriCaster models. I think, though, we may approaching a time when the option to record mixed audio instead should be entertained as a feature request.
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    I'm not sure why you want audio on all those recordings. When we record ISO it is so we can remix if necessary. So, I pull in the program out and leave that audio active. Then for each other camera I disable audio. These recording easily line up and allow me to cut and drag down the camera shot I need to fix any mixing issues.
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