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Thread: Dual Monitors

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    Dual Monitors

    This is something that has bugged me for some time, but I'm only now writing in. Does anyone know why I can't drag any of the SpeedEdit windows fully onto a second monitor. I can drag them partway on but they stop at the limit of their right side (dragging them to a monitor on the left). Thanx --ds

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    Not sure what you mean. I can move anything anywhere I want on either monitor. Are you sure you have the monitors set up as extended in your graphic properties?

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    "graphic properties"? Does this refer to the graphic card or something I can't find in SpeedEdit settings?

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    I was referring to Windows graphic, assuming you are not using a Mac. Do other programs give you this problem? Internet Explorer, etc? What happens when you drag the SE window to the right screen?

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    Every other application works just fine as far as the two monitors are concerned. I'm using a PC running Windows 7; I have an nvidia Quadro 4000 card. What's weird is that I had this same problem with SpeedEdit v1 which I ran on a completely different computer (withWindows XP). So I had always assumed it was a SpeedEdit problem. I can run the main SpeedEdit on either screen (the right screen is the primary display, the left is the one with a problem here), but those specific windows: video output, selected clip properties, etc, just go as far as mentioned above. I appreciate your help, anything you can think of to check would be great. --ds

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    It'so been a long time, but I believe there's a setting in SE Preferences somewhere, "Span Dual Monitors" or something like that. As Tony said however, you also need to set the computer to use both monitors in the graphic card's properties settings.
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    Here is my setup...... My second monitor is fed from the HDMI output on my laptop that runs the SE software. The laptop is set up for dual monitors. All I have to do is open SE and drag the <SpeedEDIT Output> icon to the second monitor, I then double click on the icon to enlarge it to the full size of the second monitor. Once those steps are done, I'm good to go.

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    Thanx, guys for the advice. I have identified the "bug." I don't know whether it's something nvidia needs to solve (which I doubt) or whether newtek needs to solve it (which I think). Hearing from you all that no one else has this problem I thought I'd check something I should have done a long time ago. I changed the location of the secondary monitor in the nvidia settings to be on the right side instead of the left. And then everything works just fine. So clearly Speededit doesn't want the secondary monitor to be on the left. Can anyone out there confirm whether or not their secondary monitor is on the left, and if so what their graphic card is? If I can get that kind of info then I think I can send this along to tech support and maybe they can figure it out.


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    ps. I did look for a "span monitors" setting in preferences and can't find it, or anything that remotely sounds applicable. --ds

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    My second monitor is on my right. If I wanted it on the left, I could either move the second monitor or the laptop. If your graphic card is feeding both monitors, how about switching the monitor cables?

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    It's not about where the monitor is physically located, it's where the graphic card says the secondary monitor is located. (For example, when I got the windows to go to the secondary monitor I didn't move it, I just told nvidia it was now on the right side and dragged windows off the right side of the primary and then they went onto the secondary). Switching monitor cables wouldn't help, because of what I just described, it's in the relationship between the graphic card software and SpeedEdit, and has nothing to do with the hardware, but I couldn't even if I wanted to as my primary monitor is display port and my secondary is analog.

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    You should be able to drag the <SpeedEDIT Output> icon to whatever is your secondary monitor, double click on it to expand it to the monitor's size. My experience indicates that SE doesn't care if the monitor is on the left or right. I've even done this with an secondary analog monitor and an overhead video projector. It sounds like you've got a problem with your OS or video card, not SE.

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    Ok just in case anyone else had this problem here is the official answer from Newtek tech support:
    "So I received an answer in regards to Speed Edit and the answer has to do with Windows and screen coordinates! Back when Speed Edit was designed, it was created to always have the primary monitor on the left. Now, with swapping monitors, changing the primary monitor to the right hand one will associate the left hand monitor to a -1920 value. Speed Edit was not designed to handle the negative values created by swapping primary monitors the way we can now. That is why you can't drag those output monitors over. And as far as a change, that code is ingrained into too much of the functionality, so there are no current plans to change it.

    By the way, I was able to duplicate what you mentioned as well. Changing my secondary monitor to primary, I couldn't move those output windows onto the left either. So we will just need to leave the left hand monitor as primary. Please let me know if you have any more questions!"

    Since I appear to be the only person with this monitor setup, I don't see them changing this. Oh well, I'll manage. --ds

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    Double clicking the top of the monitor bar or the top of the speededit editor panel when positined on a monitor will maximize it to that monitor, even if you can drag it the full way.
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    Actually, you can click anywhere on the SE monitor icon to maximize it for a monitor that is either left or right of your primary monitor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dennisqdw View Post
    Since I appear to be the only person with this monitor setup, I don't see them changing this. Oh well, I'll manage. --ds
    I guess per the law of averages and a population of 7 billion there had to be SOMEONE who would put their secondary monitor on the LEFT of the primary one.

    Still, it's not too late to join the rest of us and put it on the right! Then your speed edit problems will cease. (At least those associated with monitor X coordinates - many other SE issues will remain. Like SE's inablilty to clean up my room. Seriously NT, when are you going to address this? Even Microsoft does windows!)

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