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Thread: Gravity : Framestore FX Reel (Amazing work)

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    Gravity : Framestore FX Reel (Amazing work)

    Framestore's Bafta-winning visual effects behind Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity
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    I've just come back from seeing this film and for me it's one of the best space based films that I've seen in a long time. It totally deserves to win a 'Best Picture' award IMHO.

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    Framestore has taken a step forward with this movie. They will certainly win the Oscar for Best VFX, and I hope this will turn out better than it did last year with Rythm and Hues.

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    (My prev post on 5th Feb)
    i don't know if you get to see CINEFEX quarterly,
    but the current issue (134) has to 20+ page spread on GRAVITY.
    I great review for Framestore who should get an OSCAR nomination!
    I am sure they will,as this really shows off the ARNOLD final renderer.

    Additionals today: The Use of a LED monitor build Cubed room was
    astounding use of VR.
    I hope someone knocks up the industrial Robot
    plugs ins for LW maybe a kudos project for LW3DG.Pipeline

    Ds03- The FT financial Times has just announced
    an approx 30% buyin investment deal by an Malaysian
    investment group of FrameStore, so I think everything
    in the garden is rosy. They should walk [email protected] Oscars..But..


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