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Thread: Sesssion back up

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    Sesssion back up

    Apologies in advance if this has already been asked and please redirect me to that post if you have the link.

    I have been updating my my tricaster 460 and every time I install a new update I seem to lose all my sessions but keep the data in tacked to retrieve images, videos and such but always seem to lose the session setting info. If I did do a session back up what information do the back up contain besides the show video content. Example, I want the session video format saved, lower thirds saved, and the ME button placement saved. Will it save any of this in the back up? also what else is saved?

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    How many updates have your performed on this system? Had it only been once or has it happened many times? I'm installing every update NewTek releases (any many that they don't!) and I've not had problems with any my sessions disappearing. Which drive do you store your sessions on?

    A backup will store everything about the session (video format, multview names, button names, ME configurations, media player presets, audio mixer configuration, everything). You do have any option when you backup the session to include 'external' media, this would be media that you have not imported or captured into the project. If you choose to back up this media as well, then everything you need will be saved. If you choose not to backup external media, then this media will only work when you restore the session if it still happens to be on the system in the same location that you used it from.
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