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Thread: intances only using 50% cpu

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    intances only using 50% cpu


    When i work with instances my cpu usage peaks at 50%. 64bit system with i7 and 8 cores....
    can i fix this ?


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    Can you post an example scene ? Until now lw-instances are multitrheading very well while rendering .. I had those problem with dp-instances ..
    martin dulovits
    technical director

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    ahh, sorry for not mentioning. Render is fine. It's while i am working on the scene and playing the timeline LW never uses more than 50% CPU. It maxes at excactly 50% but uses all 8 cores. So it's not a core max issue...

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    after some testing on another machine i find that it is any scene. Not only instances that will not use more than 50%. On my i5 4 core laptop Layout preview peaks at 30%.
    could it be graphics card related ? I can't imagine as i have a powerfull nvidia card.
    Also sound in LW cannot play because there is no available cpu to render the sound......there is some kind of limit....somewhere....
    my laptop has a clean LW install. No tinkering.

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    .. LW is extremly slow in evaluating the scenegraph. If you got for example 1000 instances on independant null objects your scene will become unusable. things get better if you can use vertices or polygons for instancing ( less independent null objects ).
    Or just create an empty scene with 10.000 nulls and lightwave will become unusable or 5000 surfaces, ... Lightwave eats polygons while rendering, but is a pain in the *** for complex scene graphs while working in layout ( not rendering )
    martin dulovits
    technical director

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    soo....layout can't compute fast enough to utilize all the CPU. This has been a problem since...LW 6-7-8 ?
    I remember one upgrade years ago that suddently made it impossible to view my scenes in realtime in layout. Today we got a ton more power but rarely a realtime preview worth anything.
    am i right ?

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    .. I think that quite a lot of layout logic is not multithreaded at all. Only the raytracing part is heavily multithreaded ..
    Look at the mesh freezing for example : In complex scenes the meshfreezing takes more than half of the rendertime and its more or less not multithreaded at all ..
    martin dulovits
    technical director


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