I am considering building a computer to be used for motion capture. This will be integrated with a TriCaster to create a Previs system like they did in shooting Avatar. But this is not the only thing I plan to do with this computer. I would also like to explore the new HSA (Heterogenious System Architeture) that is part of the Kaveri APUs from AMD. I am writing a compiler for a parallel programming language and I would like it to support GPU cores. One concern is how well OpenGL is supported for Radeon GPUs in the newest APUs since Ligthwave/NevronMotion must run on the same system. Since the Kinect Camera libraries need DirectX-11 there is also a concern about how well this is supported in an AMD/ATI environment.

So my bottom line question is, who of you out there are using Lightwave/NevronMotion on an AMD APU such as the A10-7850K or any other AMD APU for that matter and how is it working for you?