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Thread: Dragonframe Stop-Motion Software - (Video)-Guys this is VERY cool

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    Dragonframe Stop-Motion Software - (Video)-Guys this is VERY cool

    "Dragonframe 3.5 is the next generation of our image capture software for stop motion animation. New features include a visual timeline editor, integrated lip-sync, advanced DMX lighting, motion control and much more."
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    Wow ! thanks for the heads up.
    That does look really cool.

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    Seeing Stop Action Animation work in films when I was a kid was my open invitation to learn about films and entertainment as a business.
    I had always wanted to make all of those wonderful miniatures needed to create those worlds.

    Thanks for the share!

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    We had a plugin for Canon megapixel cams that did much the same thing within Mirage years ago; they probably have something similar in TVP. Nice to have the whole set of paint, effects and animation tools on tap.
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    if it weren't for stop motion I definitely wouldn't be a 3d artist... love this stuff!

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    The price is great for something that (if you like SMA) will give you hours and hours of fun.
    On the wish list!

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    I've known about Dragonframe for quite sometime and watched it evolve. If you think the software is kewl, check out this from DitoGear - - Tracking for stop motion
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