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Thread: MultiCam SpeedEDIT Software...Does it exist?

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    MultiCam SpeedEDIT Software...Does it exist?

    I have a 5 camera play I have to edit next week, is there multi-cam software for SpeedEDIT...I thought I rememeber hearing about some...THANKS!
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    Yes there is a multicam plugin and it works well.
    The creator's name is Chin and he is in Hong Kong but I can't find his email.
    Newtek forum search is hopeless, well maybe not totally, but I can't find any reference although I have seen it mentioned in many posts.

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    I've never used it myself, but here is the link.
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    Dont rule out bob tasas multiedit, he has some gear plugins for SE
    def check out both

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    Yes, we use multicam, and it's awesome! I'm sure there is a thread on this forum that addresses this. That's how I originally found the plugin. We still use it to this day to edit multiple camera shoots (plays, dance performances, etc.) Donx is right. The author is based in Hong Kong, and is very helpful.

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    I did not sign in this forum for a long time. Sorry! I moved from Taiwan to Florida last year. The old web site of was closed. If anyone still interested in MultiCam, please send me an email.
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