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Thread: Forest lights at night

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    Wow, this is amazing. I love it.

    How long does it take you to create that 3D character proxy model and match the pose with the photograph?

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    Wow, so sorry about the super late response!

    The 3D character proxy really didn't take long at all. Maybe an hour. Two at most. Since I wasn't using it for any sharp raytracing (just the soft shadows and fractured/diffused reflections) it didn't need to be exact, nor did it need to be perfectly projected (I used Z projection instead of camera projection so I could model it more easily). The proxy was rendered invisible to camera but not reflections, and the original photography was added back in during compositing and grading in After Effects.

    Final results below (both with/without the composited photography and proxy setup).
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    Beautiful mood, so soothing...looks amazing! Great stuff as always!
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    awesome image

    heres some ideas.
    some, fog swirls, and maybe some volumetric lights (try simple cones instead of lw's volumetrics which are render hogs).

    swirly mists on the sides, bg?

    try the bloom image filter too see what happens.

    i'd say also, pine needles instanced on the floor to help lend that the trees have no leaves. Course snow might of covered them, but some might still poke through.. small detail to add... hope that helps
    ahh, didn't see the post with the twigs, that's great!

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    This is awesome !

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    I was thinking, it's prob chilly there, so a breath smoke puff would be nice too.

    maybe a bird on a branch?

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    I miss this one! looking awesome, nice mood
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Forest-5b-Character.jpg 
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    I hope you don't mind, I wanted to see what some atmospherics might look like so i did a quick photoshop session.

    since it's so close to halloween, i took some additional liberties.

    If you have photoshop, plop it ontop of your your original to see what i added.

    some smokey blobby shapes for mist, and some halloween guests.
    i tried to add a breath, but only came out soso.

    mist by the trees came out interesting because of the shape.

    p.s. I know you werent shooting for halloween, so this is just a little fun in a different direction. Hope you dont mind.

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    I think he should be careful of adding to much there, von pietro, mist isn´t really common seen in such cold weather, it is freezing cold as you can see on the water, unless he is really breathing strongly..since it is heat within the colder air that creates mist, maybe a breathing dragon then
    Mist can occour, but that is if the winter day/night suddenly gets very warm, and the ice/snow is heated up so it gives out moist and mist...but on nights that is even more rare than in mornings I guess, and such weather is so called snow muddy and doesn´t fit in there.
    he could use backrop fog, use background color/textured environment and add some flow noise scale it down on y-axis and make the fog has some depth too by controling max min distance in the volumetric fog panel, but I think it shouldn´t be overworked with mist, doesn´t seem to fit in that my opinion.

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