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Thread: Devices to enhance Kinect capability for mocap

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    Devices to enhance Kinect capability for mocap

    Something I'm going to be working on over Febuary in regards to Nevron is basically to answer this question:

    "What devices could one use to enhance motion capture even further? Are there devices or parts of devices (preferably low cost) that could be feasible and practical for the animator's workflow?"

    Currently, I'm looking at the feasibility of using a Wiimote motion plus (because you can get it insanely cheap) to allow motion capture that tracks the rotation of the user's wrists and head, as I feel it would greatly cut down on hand-animated "post work" required after recording full body mocap. If it works in a usable fashion, it'll mean for about $40 users of Nevron can add more rotation tracking capability to their kinect setup. I will report my findings here after I receive my hardware in the mail. I know a bit of working around will be required to get this functional and the possibility it may not work at all so we'll see.

    I do know the PS move devices work well from what others have said... but from what I understand that route is incredibly expensive and only really benefits people who already own a PS3 and the corresponding camera. EDIT: Ok, so from the post below by Greenlaw, it appears only the PS move controller is needed... still more pricey than the wii motion controller, but knowing this makes it much, much more feasible.



    This can be used to control the character's hands if pre-animated constraints like cyclist are used. Thus far, my tests with some junker playstation 2 controllers (with a USB converter) have yielded some pretty nice results as they are decent quality devices... the most useful of course being the thumb axis rotational sticks. My current idea is that, just like with facial capture, hand animations driven by controllers could be made much easier to create if the mocap clip is playing at 1/3rd of its original speed... this gives the user more time to react and manipulate the character appropriately.

    That's the only device i've really tried out thus far... the only other devices I have only return boolean values so i'm not sure how I could make use of that. If I could find a way to refresh layout and make the calculations apply repeatedly over time, theoretically booleans could be used, for instance, to make it so that when a button is held down, a value will increase until the button is let go, then it will decrease until it reaches the "floor". I don't know how to make this happen yet or if its even possible though...
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