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Thread: Automatic skydomes from google street view. :-D

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    Automatic skydomes from google street view. :-D

    Just came across this while working on something in unity.

    It's automatic skydomes from google street view!,-1.82622

    I haven't worked out how to use them in lightwave yet, so any info will be most appreciated. Or maybe share any good ones you find here?


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    Wow. That is just super cool. I don't know how useful it is for Lightwave but it is a lot of fun to play with.

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    Good stuff
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    Those are actually what are called "Little Planet" projections, otherwise known as Stereographic Projections. Usually, they don't cover the zenith; only the nadir and perhaps 120° from it. One can obtain 360° x 180° Little Planet projections, where the image is not cropped to rectilinear and the outer rim is the zenith. These full-frame images, with a corresponding clip map, could then be used on the inside of spheres. Anything cropped to square generally isn't useable for our needs.
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