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Thread: animating issues

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    animating issues

    I am wanting to animate 4 bolts slotting into a hole with washers and sleeves slotting in also. I have animated one set of the bolt/washer/sleeve slotting in and i was wondering if there is an easy way to copy the keyframes over to the other 3 sets so they are all synchronised?

    Also when i set key frames up for rotating the bolt, the bolt moves first the wrong way and then spins round the right way. I think this is something to do with curves??? can you switch curves off for one object?


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    The answer to your second quesion is that you need to set you may need to set a few key frames to "linear" in the graph editor.

    Or adjust the controls to remove the odd motion. The Linear is a quick fix, but may not look like u want it too.

    As for the 1st question, just clone the object, then click on "Move Path" in the motion options (Item tab, near bottom of menus in Layout 7.5c)
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