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Thread: PPV Streaming

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    PPV Streaming

    I am looking to set up a PPV stream for some basketball games and was wondering what people on here used. I looked at Ustream and they want half the revenue plus the monthly fee and any overages. Wow...that blew me away. I'm not trying to get rich off this but would like to meet my costs. Any other ideas out there for PPV?

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    Hi Potimus, my opinion is that UStream is a good value option. I have delivered €1 Mil of live PPV and what that taught me is there is a hell of a lot to get right when you are taking people's PPV money. Depending on what you are doing, you need to start thinking about email (and even telephone) customer service; FAQs; T&Cs (that have been properly legalled); how you treat the same subscriber on different devices; how you support mobile devices; what you do when multiple people log in to the one account; how you treat state and country taxes; what you offer for payment solutions - and what percentages they take; whether you sell in the same currency globally; whether you offer up teasers before presenting the paywall - you could give the first 5 minutes free for example; what bundles you offer - straight PPV, multi-game passes, season passes...; what you offer for VOD and how you integrate that with your PPV; what level of conversion you will make (assume 5% of your existing free view unique viewers as a starting point; where in the purchase process you loose potential customers and how you fix that.... there is a lot to consider and viewers have zero tolerance for you making mistakes when you are taking their money.

    There are other options to UStream, but my suggestion if you aren't going with a PPV service such as UStream's would be to lock the live player to a page in a Wordpress microsite and utilise a Wordpress PPV plugin - there are lots of choices for them.

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