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Thread: Cage and Lattice Deformer, MetaMesh, Boolean, HeatShrink+ Now Available.

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    Cage and Lattice Deformer, MetaMesh, Boolean, HeatShrink+ Now Available.

    Hello everyone.

    We have joined the Rebellion with our intention.
    We would like to assist as Third-Party Developer.

    please visit our website:

    LightWave can fly more higher.


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    Nice video! Welcome additions to the LW toolset! (And quite reasonably priced, IMO.)

    Wish you the best of luck with sales.

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    Oh my! These tools look fantastic!
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    Well... that's just... very good... O_O

    I only pity that due to structural constrains they can't come out both as modeling and animation tools.

    Good job.
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    Holy Cow!!!

    (hey, whatever happened to the LW cow?)

    Well, this should address a LOT of people's xmas lists!
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    Amazing! But...kinda unhappy that 3rd party need to fill-in the gap, I mean how hard it is to create a friggin lattice deformer these days?this should be built-in

    No offence to developer, this looks amazing indeed!

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    Cage and lattice deformers are really interesting, well done

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    holy freaking WOW!! It truly is a Christmas miracle!!

    Can I assume that these are available in 64bit?
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    That made me laugh aloud a few times.

    I am only in hopes of you being very connected to Mr. Powers and this being a preview of what's to come.

    Metamesh. How long over-due? Sculpting with a new approach, eh?

    Laughing at the lessons I believe have been learned by Core, Chronosculpt and other projects I have no idea of.

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    Amazing tools. Can't wait to try them out.

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    Hoooly cow!

    Those metaball modelling tools are pretty remarkable... Haven't looked at the price yet, but these really show what LightWave is capable of in the right hands!

    Thanks for sharing your hard work... And for supporting LightWave and its users
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    Amazing that someone finally made a lattice deformeer plugin (messiah not withstanding). This looks amazing!
    Gary Chike

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    Wow! Holly WOW!

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    Sure made my year-end sale choices more difficult. Are these .p or .ls?
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    I've been waiting for this for so many years! I'm so happy right now! Take my wallet!

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