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Thread: MKV support?

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    MKV support?

    I thought I read somewhere that the later updates of Speededit could handle MKVs. I have tried several and none of them will come in to the timeline. Does anyone have any luck at all in being able to work with them?

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    I'm not sure if SE handles .MKVs (I don't see why it wouldn't since it's an open standard) but I would look at two things first.

    1. Check whether SE's Add Bin generates an animated thumbnail of the .mkv file or not. If it doesn't, then there's a good chance that it won't accept the file.

    2. Check what codec the .mkv file contains (there's some tool out on the interweb that'll investigate a file container's (.avi, .mpg, .mov, .mkv, etc) codec). I happen to use GSpot to check mine, but I don't know if it's still available. Once done, check that you've got that codec installed on your operating system. The easiest way to check that is to try and play the .mkv file in Windows Media Player. If it plays, you've got the codec installed. If it doesn't, then you'll need to install the missing codec.

    If WMP plays the .mkv file but SE won't, then there's a good chance that SE doesn't handle .mkv files. Why this would occur is a mystery to me since AFAIK SE will handle any video file formats (and codecs that have no restrictions applied to it) that are installed on your OS.

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    If SE won't import a file, meaning it just disappears from the timeline on import, you can try renaming it to .MPG or .AVI or something that SE will take. If it still doesn't want it, the codec is probably missing or the file is corrupted.

    I know in an earlier post I said that renaming things won't work with SE, but in that case I was talking about another phenomena - that of SE not playing a clip smoothly. In that situation, changing filename format won't change anything. But in this situation, if SE won't import it at all, changing extension might make the difference, because SE is programmed to reject, or should I say 'not programmed to accept' certain file extensions.

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