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Thread: Basic stuff Lightwave users should know, but are not-so-obvious

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    Basic stuff Lightwave users should know, but are not-so-obvious

    I'm sure there have been topics like this before discussing things in Lightwave sometimes considered "hidden gems" and whatnot... but I think it's time to re-visit this. Perhaps even some of the long time veteran users among us will learn a new thing or two!


    There are native functions in Lightwave that a lot of users take for granted... some of which are almost invisible and are somewhere between hard and impossible to discover. So the big question is this: What is a basic Lightwave function that you feel the average user would likely not find, but is something you consider important to know about generally speaking? (both modeler and layout)

    To demonstrate, I whipped up a really quick video about the statistics panel to kick off this thread:

    Bonus tip courtesy of Tobian: Volume select works with things like "hide selected". Try it!

    EDIT: Do a search on Erikals's videos when posting and include them if they are relevant to your post... because chances are good he covered a few things that are likely to get mentioned
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