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That is awesome. Item selection by name.

Predictive text for item selection would be rad. And I hope a similar feature for Tool selection which uses more than just the tool's name because some of the tool names in Lightwave are not intuitive to their behavior so maybe there could be some search-keywords associated with Layout (and Modeler) Tool plugins to support predictive tool discovery.
The problem with that from a UX standpoint, is what it should do when the tool's name is specified? Activate it? For quite a few LW tools that's the only (and terminal) action in the workflow, so you don't want that until everything's selected and configured. For others, it only begins the operation, and requires further configuration/adjustment actions, and then a separate action to actually take effect/finalize. Oh, and there's no easy or clear indication by name which tools behave which way either.

The reason stuff like this works in other systems is because their tools in such systems all have uniform action models, such that they can always be selected, then adjusted, then finalized. Since LW tools' activation conventions are all over the map, such a system won't work nearly as well in LW, at least without some major rework of (many) tools' behaviors.

It'd be very nice to have, if the workflow discrepancy issue could also be addressed. Without addressing the workflow issues, it'd be an unpredictable mess.