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True fillet that is free from sensei is quite nice to round flat polys, though I would like to have that function built in to the tools already there to lighten up the overall amount of tools packed in to the software, would be nice otherwise if newtek could get in touch with Sensei and pack truefillet with the native Lightwave shipment, otherwise we would always have users asking for how to round a flat poly and itīs points etc, ultimately a solution with a chamfer rounding or a bevel rounding or rounder working on flat polys would be the best though.
Trufillet is nice but needs a unit snap so no crazy floating point numbers and predictable, fast and consistent bevels without the need to resort to the numeric input.
Compare LW std bevel with trufillet, adjust the unit settings in LW options, try fixed, try specified amount, observe behaviour of the bevel tool and you will see what I mean.
There are a number of tools (generally all newer ones in modeler) that need this fix.