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Thread: An Open Letter of Compliments

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    An Open Letter of Compliments

    Let me please use this Forum to compliment NewTek, in particular the Engineering Team under a visionary direction of the Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Andrew Cross.

    I have to admit that this letter of compliments is long overdue, probably since 2007, when I started using the revolutionary TriCaster products. It all happened with the TriCaster Broadcast purchase in 2008, then TCXD 300, TCXD 850, TCXD 855 and finally TCXD 860.

    All those years my investment was secure because of vision, care and new groundbreaking products designed and deployed by Dr. Cross’ engineering team.

    We all know that NewTek is a company which makes great products, but it also listens to its clients and addresses users’ needs.

    Personally I can verify this firsthand, because all my feature requests were implemented. I really admire this close collaboration with users/clients. Since we are all concerned about our investment, we want to participate in products improvements and bettering. Like this Forum made of a passionate and knowledgeable members willing to share. So, I believe, we are all thrilled in continuous progress, strength and vision of NewTek.

    I was very touched recently by NewTek response to users’ feature requests and concern. Few weeks ago I asked for adding an omitted LC-11 functionality for the Pro Line and in particular TCXD 860 environment. Yesterday I noted on NewTek website, that the maintenance update from 6 November is addressing this request: “ On systems that support the LC-11 control surface, control of virtual zoom has been added using the LC-11’s left joystick; the right joystick controls pan.”

    This is amazing that this big company, while busy on key issues, is still finding resources and will to address even a small group of its customers. This is extraordinary. It shows that everyone is important, and no one is going to be left behind by NewTek.

    So Thank You! Dr. Cross!

    Thank You! Engineering Team!

    And, let me please extend my Thank You! to all NewTek employees who makes these superior TriCaster products. I have to admit that I’m proud to be a member of your Family!


    Caesar Glebocki
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    I too, must echo these compliments. NewTek's engineering team is one of a kind, and it's certainly led by one of the best visionaries in this industry - Dr Andrew Cross.

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    I cannot say how much I appreciate the sentiments expressed here. I really do have to say however that although I am the one who is lucky enough to be the one that gets quoted, the reality is that there are a lot of really talented and dedicated people working on our products who really do go above and beyond to try to make the products better. Most of us do not see this as a "day job" but really do put our hearts into the products. This is much like a child to us and you are always proud of them, and want to do something to help when they have any kind of problem.

    Thanks again on behalf of everyone in engineering.


    ps. I really should also say that if you run into problems, please please please do tell us about them. We really do want our products to get better and be as stable as we can make them. Likewise, never hesitate to drop me an email if there is anything I can help you with.


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