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    as the CasparCG Server (from V2.0.4 on) has built in support for outputing IVGA, i thought it might be interesting to bring some newer tutorial videos to your attention.

    It might be also interesting to watch this video
    where a new feature of the comming version is shown.

    Its a big improvement to support photoshop files as dynamic templates, perfect for all out there that are not so familiar with flash.

    This whole system (CasparCG) is (this time) not that easy to use as other (sold) systems might be and often requires a heavily pimped PC but its open source, free and getting better and better every day.
    If you look at the CasparCG forum you will find free Caspar based solutions for a lot of tasks like multi channel Instant Replay .... and so on.

    best regards,
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