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Thread: Non Standard Streaming (Videolan VLC)

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    Non Standard Streaming (Videolan VLC)

    SO I have a Client that needed to do a production Tricaster in auditorium and has some 3 groups of TV's each group has a Laptop and each laptop displays on the group of
    TV's. The goal was to display the event to each group coming from the Tricaster. In an Ideal worl they would have a digital signage encoder like vBrick and a receiver for each tv and the tricaster would connect component to the encoder which would send out the signal. Thats not the case here so had to figure out a way with the native software in tricaster and PC's and Mac's. So I downloaded Video Lan VLC player,and in the tricaster I set the streaming for windows push and put in the ip address of the tricaster and the port. Next I went to a single PC and opened the VLC i downloaded and went to file open and chose open network and in the URL i put mms://000.000.000:8080 and hit play and it worked like a charm so that machine with the distribution for video can now set out that signal hdmi to the tvs.
    Tricaster is so awesome.

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    I have done this lots of times, but even simpler. Just use WMV Pull as your streaming setting. Then, the TC will show you the URL (like Then, up to 8 or 10 laptops on the same network can open VLC Player or WMPlayer and play the stream. We have exceeded that number by changing a System setting (I can't recall which) and had 12 players all working at once over Local IP. Works fantastic, but you can't webcast at the same time without a separate encoder.
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