This past weekend I was working a live event and ran into a serious issue that caused major downtime during the live event.

This is with the Tricaster XD300 with the latest update (Rev 4H).

My client gave me a video file that was in MP4 format that seemed to be shot with a cellphone. When I added the file into the "DDR" area of the Tricaster and attempted to select it with the mouse pointer, the whole Tricaster interface froze and my live broadcast froze. The PC keyboard became unresponsive. I had to actually press the power button on the Tricaster itself to shut it down and reboot the system to recover from this freeze up.

When the Tricaster rebooted, I launched the "settings profile" that I was using before the crash. The hard drive light had continuous activity and the Tricaster live production interface loaded, but locked up again before the load was complete. The screen had at the top "Tricaster seconds left" and never advanced. After waiting many minutes, I had to select the power button on the Tricaster again to shut it down and reboot. I had to create a new "settings profile" and re-configure all my settings before I could go live again.

After the event was over, I was able to bring the Tricaster home and recreate this issue.

The MP4 video file will freeze the Tricaster AND corrupt the Tricaster profile which forces you to reboot and recreate a new profile.

I believe this may be a serious bug in the Tricaster. I will explain in the context that this happened to try and convey how serious this is:

My client has a fundraising/telethon event for a children's charity that happens live on the web once a year with a worldwide audience. If the webcast goes offline, there is a definite loss of fundraising revenue for the charity. This absolutely is the case in this instance.

I want to make clear that I have no problem that the MP4 video file my client provided may of not been able to play on the Tricaster. I realize Newtek could never guarantee all type of files will play on the Tricaster. If it didn't play I could of just moved on with the webcast.

What I do have a problem with is that an incompatible video file should NOT bring the Tricaster down during a live event and force me to recreate all the settings on the Tricaster again. I feel that I am playing Russian Roulette now by loading files into the DDR during the webcast.

The events I use the Tricaster for do NOT always let me test all media loaded into the DDR before the start of the event. It's the nature of the event. I shouldn't have to be scared to load an incompatible file into the DDR and bring down the entire webcast.

I will be contacting Newtek directly about this as well since I find this to be a serious enough issue that needs to be resolved/patched ASAP.

I can make a youtube video to upload demonstrating this issue if needed as well.

I am huge Newtek fan and have used the Tricaster products for years, but this was a big letdown and my client and I are not very happy at this point to be honest.