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Thread: Tricaster 860 audio mixer

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    Tricaster 860 audio mixer

    Anyone else struggling to get used to the audio mixer changes on the 860? We are. We have managed to record a few things now without audio - and have scratched our heads for a while trying to do simple tasks such as mono embedded SDI camera inputs.

    The most confusing thing we have been finding is that audio input settings aren't displayed in the input level meters - i.e.. if you mono an embedded SDI camera input, the input meter doesn't show that the input has been monoed, it continues to show the stereo input. We also miss the mono button!

    There is probably a good reason for the change - does anyone know what the driver is?

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    To try to help with a few of these things:

    • I don't have a TC fired up right now, but my recollection is that input VU meters reflect the source channels before routing (including Pan). Of course output VUs do show the effect of routing.
    • For a stereo input pair, 'mono' really just contitutes a state of the Pan control. Center both pan controls, et voila. (If memory serves, inputs set to Mic are automatically set up this way by default, but SDI-embedded would not be).
    • I'm not sure why your recordings lacked audio. Assuming you are recording on TriCaster, and capturing either Output 1 or 2, you should get the audio you've assigned to those outputs respectively in Output Config. This bit is really little different in this respect than previously, but for the change from Program and Aux nomenclature.
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