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Thread: New demo reel for 2013

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    New demo reel for 2013

    I messed up the last link, I think its fixed.
    This is all lightwave

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    Good demo reel!
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    Great work!!!! I loved the soundtrack!!!
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    Cool. Good job

    There didn't seem to be a splash screen with your contact info.

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    after all that stuff, I FORGOT!
    thanks for that

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    Good stuff!
    You have got a rich reel dude

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    thanks ya'll.

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    Love the last shot of the cafe/building/people/city. Looks like an establishing shot of a cool movie I want to see !

    Could you share your efforts in using 3D people in your scenes?

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    Nice work

    Kev xx

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    Very cool reel devine
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    I remember the city in the end, you have shown that a few years ago to us. Great reel man.

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    Really Nice Work! Loved the last shot!

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    That was good! Great choice of ending (though I felt slightly uneasy watching people staggering around on partial platforms that high even if they are just little CG models XD).

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    I used the people from AXYZ design. Go to the website and look for plug and play lightwave.

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