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Thread: exterior : urban renovation

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    exterior : urban renovation

    I am working on this project in my very short spare time... who knows if i will never finish it...
    anyway i want to show u some images and, mybe, have your opinion and some advice

    i am using octane DL MODE

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    A real sky would help, done in post is fine. It looks like it's a bright sunny day and needs more contrast especially in the shadows which are washed out. UV map leafs on the trees and also some leafs on the ground here and there in 2 or 3 stages of decay (brown, yellowish & reddish for example). Mulch around trees recess in relation to paving. Knock off corners on main stone walls in foreground so they look more natural. Go a bit overboard with a bump map on the stone work. But overall it is looking good.
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    Good lighting,and good surroundings.
    Just feel the houses are square.
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