I really hope someone here has ANY ideas for this as E-on support claims they have never seen this.
I have reported this problem already with Vue10/LW11 but it still exists for Vue11.5/LW11.6.

Here's how to see it:
Open Layout (default empty scene)
Add any Vue stuff, like Sphere
Open Object Properties;Geometry
You should see one Vue 7 xStream plugin on the list (yes plugin is named 7 even though it is v.11.5)
Then save the scene (Vue embedded, all as default in Vue as well)
Now there is another Vue 7 xStream plugin added on each Vue object!
In addition, the selected item changes usually to Vue Ground plane but can be other as well.

And this repeats on EVERY scene save AND about every 5 minutes, even in the middle of dragging an object!

I have tried to start Layout with empty config so there are no extra plugins, then just add Vue plugin but no help. Also disabling autosaves in Vue or LW have no effect on this.

Can anyone PLEASE help me with this, it is making working with Vue plugin a real pain