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Thread: Will future support include other sensors?

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    Will future support include other sensors?

    Will future builds include support for any other sensors? Im very interested in seeing support for the Open Ni sensors like the Carmine 1.09. After downloading and playing with Faceshift and my Carmine sensor, the amount of extra detail you get with this close up sensor would be great for face capture inside Lightwave.

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    Yeah, and the new Kinect sensor with the XBox one has incredible sensitivity apparently.
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    couldn't find any tests for face mocap with Kinect Xbox One...

    found this though, be careful...

    edit: ah found a closeup, looks to be closer to the Carmine quality,
    maybe with a different lens it could be better...
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    strangely, the Carmine looks better than the new Kinect One sensor...

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    Yeah those scans are with the 2.5 x reading glasses mod. That is, reading glasses were added over the lenses on the carmine sensor. Apparently the carmine recorrects for distortion and creates a much better, cleaner image higher res scan.

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    I also read some where that Microsoft was not (immediately ) , going to release an sdk for the sensor. But I'm sure hacks will appear right after its released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    There are also Play Range Reduction Lens for Kinect from NYKO. I bought one, but I didnīt test it to date.


    I use two pieces of the three-piece application with mocap module.

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    I'm +1 for other sensors support. With OpenNI and, for instance, asus Xtion, the direct motion capture would thus become available for us, Mac users, which would be much appreciated. I thought I could bypass this limitation with the fastmocap software, but I'm very coutious towards this software. It seems that it doesn't work well at all (to be precise, it captures well, but exports unusable bvh files, according to what I read on various forums).

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    I wonder if this has gone anywhere in the newest releases. Would be great to use some other motion sensor other than the Kinect....
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLane View Post
    I wonder if this has gone anywhere in the newest releases. Would be great to use some other motion sensor other than the Kinect....
    I'd like to see Nevron work with the Asus XTion Live Pro as Brekel does.


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