One topic I struggled with a lot in 3D programming was all the damned math.
And I find myself struggling with it in Python and LScript and Unity, when I need to script something that does a thing in 3D space.

It seemed like I went through a year where about once a week I'd need to understand how to properly rotate this or that so there wasn't a gimbal lock. Or I'd need to figure out how to tell if one player was facing another, or facing away, or how far to rotate them so they would face each other. How does a figure walking on an uneven terrain keep generally upright, but track the ground, while chasing something that moves through the air? How do you make aliens crawl along the walls and ceilings while they chase a person running down the hall?

Fun times.

But it turns out this stuff is really easy once you wrap your head around a handful of math concepts. 

So I'm curious--is this actually interesting to anyone else?

Would a video explaining all of this actually be useful?

Thank you,