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Thread: EDU Pricing

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    EDU Pricing

    Now I know that Chronosculpt is still a paid beta "pre-release" and that because it's not a final version, there's no EDU pricing... however... I would request that you implement EDU pricing as soon as you can.

    I wanted to get 15 copies for a lab here. 15 x $399 came to $5985. As much as I want to try to get the department to pay for that because I think our students would really use this tool.... I can't justify $6k for a tool that would not see intensive every day use like Zbrush does. The students here would have no problem handling a pre-release.. they use "edgy" stuff like Topogun and MtoA so they're used to crashes and unimplemented features (plus if any group of people could bugtest, its this bunch).
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    And NevronMotion, too.
    Educators want, ya know.
    Robert Wilson
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    I agree, When the Mac version for Chronosculpt comes out i will need at lease 20 users, but at the current price, i don't think the college where i work will pay that much.

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    Any word on the eductional pricing now that Nevron and Chronosculpt are officially released?
    Gary Chike

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    Well, it looks like Educational Pricing is now available!
    Gary Chike


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