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Thread: NevronMotion Genoma Preset RIg Video.

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    Two things I feel should have been mentioned more clearly in the video:

    1) It probably should have been explicitly mentioned how the controllers were meant to be controlled. The video implies, but does not really explain that they are primarily meant to be manipulated in pairs (IE: Forearm/ForearmRoll should both be selected to get desired arm movement). If another "introduction to nevron" video is made, be certain to mention this if only briefly. People who animate all the time in Lightwave can figure it out, but less experienced users may become frustrated.

    2) It should be explained that the Nevron controllers (magenta/yellow) represent the original position of the character motion after retargeting, which essentially tells user the difference between the motion capture and any corrections/adjustments that have been made. I can't speak for others, but I was initially confused as to why the controllers did not move with the character before realizing the reason for it.
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