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Thread: Hpw to ediit (cut into smaller segements) a video using speedEdit on NewTek Tricaster

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    Question Hpw to ediit (cut into smaller segements) a video using speedEdit on NewTek Tricaster

    I am a beginner. I need to import a video to speedEdit and then cut it into smaller segments as desired. What are the steps?

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    Here is how I would do it.

    - Open SpeedEdit and select a format that matches the video that you are using.
    - In the SpeedEdit menu, select the 'View' option and then 'Show both panes', this should be the default setting, so you might not see anything happen, but just in case.
    - In the upper pane, select the 'Timeline' tab
    - In the lower pane, select the 'FileBin' tab
    - In the lower panel, navigate to where your media files are located.
    - Drag the file you want to trim up the upper pane, it doesn't matter what track or where on the timeline you drop it.
    - You can trim by grabbing the ends of the clip and dragging or you can 'razor' a clip by dragging the timeline point to the place you want to cut and press the 'C' key, then delete the unused clips.
    - Once your clip is trimmed correctly, got to the 'File' menu and select 'Render'
    - A window will open and you can choose your export format and preset at the bottom of the window. If you need to built a preset, select the overall format and then press the Customize button.
    - Once you have your format and preset selected, choose the name of your new clip and where you want to save it, then press the 'Render' button.
    - A window will appear showing you the export. Once it finishes your file is ready.
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    Help for beginners

    In addition to that you might want to visit the NewtekTV site and select SpeedEDIT from the drop down list of options to watch training videos on it.

    Click here to watch SpeedEDIT training videos

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