Now that all the Siggraph craziness has settled down, and looking thru all the information i can find, i see no mention anywhere about having the ability to offset mdd files with your instancing. I am doing a crowd (in a stadium, not walking around) with over 25K people. I have over 10K frames of looping mocap data applied to all 100+ people objects, but in order to not see repetitive instance motions, i have to bring in all 100+ people MULTIPLE times with offsets to thier mdd files. This is a HUGE waste of time. Is there any news on updating instancing in LW11.6 to include mdd offsets. I would even be fine with having to bake out the motions to a different custom format (like DP instance does) in order to have the ability to randomize the offsets and playback speeds of mdd files. Anyone?