Hi, I thought this looked like fun, but didn't how much I needed to know about motion capture. Right now, I know nothing. However, I think I'm close. I followed the other 9 page thread and installed the Kinect for Windows (on Windows 7) without issue. I placed the Nevron folder in the <user name>/.Newteck/plugins folder and Layout loaded the KinectForWindows.p and NevronMotion.p perfectly (I think). And I have a green light on my Kinect. I can open Layout > Virtual Studio > Device Manager and Enable Kinect For Windows. I double click the Kinect_0000000000000000 name and change the name to Kinect_A. Then I click the settings column for the Kinect and screen opens with a large white area and settings on the side. (Also note, that even though I changed the Kinect name to Kinect_A, this screen still displays it as Kinect_00000000000000. I don't know if that is important or not.) At any rate, it is at this point I'm not sure what to do.

So, I closed Layout and started over. I opened Layout and loaded the Kinect Scene that came with Nevron Motion. Upon loading this scene I received a warning message that said: Plugin Missing - No plug-in of type MasterHandler found with the name Genoma_Renamer. Load from a disk? I selected no and the scene loaded, displaying a biped (bones). I then went through the same steps as above, but when I clicked on the settings column and the white screen opened, my Kinect got a red light and Layout stopped responding. I couldn't even shut it down via Task Manager. I finally had to use the Windows Start button to shut the whole system down. I was able to restart and get back to the point in the first paragraph, but I have 3 questions that I would love some help with.

1. Can someone tell me what I should do when I get to the screen with white page or direct me to the appropriate manual?
2. Why can't the scene provided find the plugins needed? (There are four .dll files that came with NM, but I see no setup.exe to install them. Is this a problem?)
3. Am I supposed to see what Kinect sees in the big white area of the screen pulled by clicking the settings column? (Do I need to load something in the scene to see motion?)

The steps I took with my install are below if it helps.

1. Installed Kinect SDK and Development Kit
2. Connected Kinect to computer
3. Installed the Nevron motion (copied folder to) <user>/.Newtek/plugins
4. Started Layout (it installed the plugins automatically)
I ensure plugins are installed by checking
Virtual Studio > Device Manager (should see Kinect for Windows)
Utilies tab > Master Plugins > Dropdown should have Nevron motion (used for retargeting)
Utilities > Edit Plugins > Device Manager (shows KinectForWindows.p)
Utilities > Edit Plugins > Layout Command (shows NevronMotion.p)

This problem seems pretty basic to many, but I'm completely new to this and have no other resources in the area knowledgeable. Thanks