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Thread: Better Alembic support

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    Better Alembic support

    Feature request for better Alembic support; the current implementation supports one mesh per .abc file. It should support the multi-mesh per .abc file. Try exporting a scene from Maya via Alembic that has a number of different objects and only generating one file that describes the entire scene.. then try loading that into Chronosculpt. For CS to be adopted it has to have the most up-to-date Alembic (1.5 at the moment) as well as incorporating every feature that Alembic supports. Another avenue is to somehow make it possible that Alembic support is upgradeable - whenever ILM release a new version Newtek should issue an Alembic patch for this and LW 11.6.

    edit: found MrWyatt had requested the same thing at So add my request. :-)
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