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    30 Days Version

    any chance us mortals can give this little stunner a spin
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    Quote Originally Posted by OnlineRender View Post
    any chance us mortals can give this little stunner a spin
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    +1 - I asked for this in the 'thread that has now been removed'. It would be nice to be in a position that if I do need to purchase CS (or NM for that matter) in the future, I would already be up to speed from using a trial version.

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    Yes, for $399 you can get a fully unlocked learning edition of Chronosculpt. The great thing about it, it allows you to use all of the features of the full version which currently is also $399.

    Ok seriously...Maybe theres not a demo of it yet cuz its still a pre-release perhaps. I'm sure one will be available as they get closer to the official release later this year.

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    There will be surely a trial version but it's a non-definitive version, will be premature see suicidal to have one now.

    I bought it with the generous offer but hadn't yet the time to immerse myself. In a few days I'll need. It promises.


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