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Thread: TEDx recording / streaming with TriCaster xd300

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    TEDx recording / streaming with TriCaster xd300

    I used my TriCaster and two Canon XLH1 cameras connected via HD-SDI to record this live event on "identity". I used a wi-fi connection to livestream to broadcast the event. I used the audio output from the TriiCaster to manage the event's PA system.

    Here are a few links to the final videos...

    This segment was a live band with over 20 mics "mashed" through several mixers:

    This segment uses TriCaster's A/B windows to calibrate one camera to the artists onscreen artwork, and the other camera calibrated for the live artist:

    There are 10 presentations for this project, but the ones listed above used some unique settings for audio and video.

    The TriCaster, cameras, and even the wi-fi streaming connection worked flawlessly.

    One thing I would have done differently is - not try to run the event PA system with the TriCaster's audio output. The small delay in running audio through the TriCaster created lip sync errors for the attendees at the event [no lip sync problems for the video]. To fix this, I used a separate hardware mixer to feed the mic inputs to both the PA system and to my TriCaster: a Presonus 16.4.2 unit.
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    Good work, Ron!
    All the best,

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