.... or don't bother doing it at all.

What I am refering to is the, in my eyes, incomplete implementation of maya geo cache that currently doesn't support exporting ONE .mc file for multiple objects as well as importing ONE .mc file onto multiple objects. I am talking about having one cache file for a character that is comprised of multiple shapes such as : body, teeth, tongue, left_eye, right_eye, ect. Maya can do that and I use it all the time, yet when I have to work with maya caches and LW I have to have one cache file per shape. That sucks quite frankly. The format can handle it, so should the application supporting the file format.

I just bought ChronoSculpt, just to find out that you guys went the same route with Alembic as it seems. I exported a multi object Alembic file out of maya and loaded it bach into maya to see if everything worked. It did, all the shapes came in with animation. I imported the .abc file into modo to see how it handled it and everything was there. I imported the .abc file into ChronoSculpt and guess what, just the first shape (in my case the body) came in and was animated the other shapes of the character where missing.

Do I need to go on? I don't think so.

Please fix this, It is one of the mayor strengths of the format, so please don't do us and yourself a disservice of crippling it, by not implementing it well enough.